By Jake Trusheim

The woolly mammoth. The passenger pigeon. The thylacine. All of these species are long gone, but thanks to massive advancements in genetic engineering and biotechnology, they may return to grace our planet once again (Bennet 2017). Sound too good to be true? It might just be. Their reappearance may result in the disappearance of currently threatened and endangered species.

Are You Accidentally Poisoning Your Pollinators?

Posted by metroadmin on February 16, 2018

by Asia Jones

Your garden is not always bee-ing as friendly to pollinators as you think.

The pollinator friendly plants you buy at your local nursery may actually be poisoning your pollinators, at least when you buy them. Lentola and colleagues found that nursery plants contain pesticides that are harmful to pollinators (Lentola et. al, 2017)! Fortunately, there are easy and cost effective ways to grow your garden without harming our important and beloved pollinators.

Welcome to the ‘Student Conservation Corner’

Posted by metroadmin on February 16, 2018

Where UC Davis students tell stories about wildlife and conservation science.