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Dear Growers and Landowners,

We are interested in understanding the concerns and expectations that Central Valley farmers have for birds and bats on their managed land and would appreciate your responses to the survey.

Your input and involvement in this study is incredibly valuable. We know that you have a vital working knowledge of your land and the wildlife that share it. With your input we can identify what is known about birds and bats on your farm and ranch land and target research to address questions that are relevant and meaningful for managing wildlife on farmlands.

We know that your time is valuable, and have kept this survey as short as possible. This survey is being carried out by UC Davis and UCCE researchers to help guide science and education activities.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! 

Sara Kross                                          Kate Ingram                                    Rachael Long
Postdoctoral Research Fellow               PhD Candidate                                Farm Advisor
415-690-6673                                      864-423-4502                                   530-666-8734
smkross@ucdavis.edu                         kpingram@ucdavis.edu                    rflong@ucanr.edu                                         

University of California, Davis                                                   UC Cooperative Extension
Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology                   70 Cottonwood St.
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