WFCB to partner with CA Fish & Wildlife on Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep study

Posted: 06.05.2018

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Dr. Eric Post, professor climate change ecology in WFCB, are joining forces in a study of Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep ecology.  The project, entitled “Spatio-temporal dynamics of vegetation green-up across the distribution of Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep”, will focus on the role of interactions among landscape, snow cover and snowmelt timing, vegetation green-up timing, and seasonal habitat use and lamb production by the endangered bighorn subspecies.  Post has run a similar project using a network of automated time lapse cameras on a caribou calving range in arctic Greenland since 2012.  “This approach allows for the collection of very highly spatially- and temporally resolved data across large study areas at reasonable cost and effort once the network is in place,” Post said, adding “It’s my hope that this will develop into a fruitful, long-term collaboration with DFW, eventually allowing insights into potential consequences of climate change for Sierra Nevada bighorn.”