Faculty Affiliates

Josh Ackerman
Visiting Researcher
Tercero Trailer E
Email: jtackerman@ucdavis.edu, jackerman@usgs.gov
Phone: 530 752 0485
Expertise: avian ecology; ecotoxicology; wetlands; avian reproduction; contaminant bioaccumulation; effects of contaminants on birds
Robet Mclandress
Associate in Wildlife Management
Email: rmclandress@ucdavis.edu
Phone: (530) 661-0425
Expertise: Waterfowl Management; Wetland Reconciliation Ecology; Non-profit Management and Administration; Avian Behavior; Photography
Lisa C Thompson
Specialist in CE
Email: lcthompson@ucdavis.edu
Expertise: Anadromous & Inland Fisheries; adaptive management of anadromous and inland fish populations; population dynamics modeling; impacts of dams and other water diversions on aquatic ecosystems; lake fertilization; food webs in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; terrestrial-aquatic linkages in watersheds.
Andrea Townsend
Assistant Professor
Email: aktownsend@ucdavis.edu
Expertise: Behavioral ecology; conservation biology; molecular biology; urban ecology; disease ecology; rapid evolution to human-induced environmental change.