Lisa C. Thompson

Associate Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Anadromous & Inland Fisheries
Office: 1063 Academic Surge
Lab: 1333 Academic Surge
Phone: 530-754-5732
Lab/Research Website:
California Fish Website (Extension):


Research and outreach in my lab focuses on fish issues in California. We look for solutions to fisheries issues that conserve and restore fish populations while also allowing human uses of natural resources such as agricultural lands, water, and hydropower.  We conduct applied fisheries research designed to resolve significant issues, knowledge, or data gaps related to California fish. A main goal of this research is to develop improved management practices, and to facilitate the adoption of these practices. Our research interests include: adaptive management of anadromous and inland fish populations; population dynamics modeling; impacts of dams and other water diversions on aquatic ecosystems; food webs in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; and terrestrial-aquatic linkages in watersheds. Recent projects include: 1) Effects of dams and flow regulation on fish; 2) Climate change, particularly as it relates to the recovery of threatened spring-run Chinook salmon; and 3) Temperature preference and tolerance of steelhead/rainbow trout and hardhead minnows.

Academic History:

  • 1999 Ph.D., Zoology (ecology, fisheries), University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Title: Abundance and production of zooplankton and kokanee salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in Kootenay Lake, British Columbia during artificial fertilization. Advisor: Dr. Carl J. Walters
  • 1992 M.Sc., Biology (limnology, aquatic ecology), McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. Title: The influence of hydraulic retention time on planktonic biomass in lakes and reservoirs. Advisor: Dr. Robert Henry Peters
  • 1987 Honours B.Sc., Zoology, Trinity College, University of Toronto



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