Dirk Van Vuren

Office: 1351 Academic Surge
Lab: 1335 Academic Surge
Phone: 530-752-4181
Alternative Phone:
Email: dhvanvuren@ucdavis.edu
Website: http://vanvurenlab.weebly.com


Ecology, behavior, and conservation of mammals; ecological approaches for managing human-wildlife conflicts; exotic species, especially in island ecosystems

Education and Experience:

  • BA, UC Berkeley, 1975
  • MS, Oregon State University, 1979
  • PhD, University of Kansas, 1990
  • Assistant Professor, UC Davis, 1990
  • Associate Professor, UC Davis, 1996
  • Professor, UC Davis, 2000


  • WFC 100 - Field Methods in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology. Offered every Spring quarter.
  • WFC 101/101L - Field Research in Wildlife Ecology. Offered Fall quarter in even numbered years.
  • WFC 151 - Wildlife Ecology. Offered every Fall quarter.
  • WFC 152 - Ecology of Human-Wildlife Conflicts. Offered Winter quarter in odd numbered years.

Campus Memberships:

  • Graduate Group in Ecology

Selected Publications:

  • Beltran, R. S., N. Kreidler, D. H. Van Vuren, S. A. Morrison, E. S. Zavaleta, K. Newton, B. R. Tershy, and D. A. Croll.  2014.  Passive recovery of vegetation after herbivore eradication on Santa Cruz Island, California.  Restoration Ecology, in press.

  • McGrann, M. C., D. H. Van Vuren, and M. A. Ordeñana.  2014.  Influence of adjacent crop type on occurrence of California ground squirrels on levees in the Sacramento Valley, California.  Wildlife Society Bulletin 38:111-115.   

  • Krause, S. K., D. A. Kelt, J. P. Gionfriddo, and D. H. Van Vuren.  2014.  Efficacy and health effects of a wildlife immunocontraceptive vaccine on fox squirrels.  Journal of Wildlife Management 78:12-23.

  • Van Vuren, D. H., M. P. Bray, and J. M. Heltzel.  2013.  Differential investment in twin offspring by female pronghorns (Antilocapra americana).  Journal of Mammalogy 94:155-161.

  • Van Vuren, D. H., and M. A. Ordeñana.  2012.  Factors influencing burrow length and depth of ground-dwelling squirrels.  Journal of Mammalogy 93:1240-1246.

  • Floyd, C. H., D. H. Van Vuren, K. R. Crooks, K. L. Jones, D. K. Garcelon, N. M. Belfiore, J. W. Dragoo, and B. May.  2011.  Genetic differentiation of island spotted skunks, Spilogale gracilis amphiala.  Journal of Mammalogy 92:148-158.

  • Armitage, K. B., D. H. Van Vuren, A. Ozgul, and M. K. Oli.  2011.  Proximate causes of natal dispersal in female yellow-bellied marmots Marmota flaviventris. Ecology 92:218-227.

  • Van Vuren, D. H., and V. J. Bakker.  2009.  Rapid morphological change in an insular population of feral sheep.  Journal of Zoology 277:221-231.