Joseph J. Cech

cech-joseph.jpgProfessor Emeritus of Fish Biology

Fish Treadmill Project

Office: 1393 Academic Surge Building
Lab: 1381 Academic Surge Building
Phone: 530-752-3103


Physiological Ecology of Fishes

Academic History:

  • B.S. (Zoology, 1966), Univ. Wisconsin, Madison
  • M.A. (Zoology, 1970), Ph.D. (Zoology, 1973), Univ. Texas, Austin
  • Postdoctoral Research (1973-75): The Research Institute of the Gulf of Maine, Portland
  • Assistant/Associate/Professor of Fish Biology (1975-2007): Univ. California, Davis
  • Professor Emeritus of Fish Biology (2007 - present): Univ. California, Davis

Selected Publications:

  • Solomon. C.T., P.K. Weber, J.J. Cech, Jr., B.L. Ingram, M.E. Conrad, M.V. Machavaram, A.R. Pogodina, and R.L. Franklin. 2006. Experimental determination of the sources of otolith carbon and associated isotopic fractionation. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 63:79-89.
  • Allen, P.J., M. Nicholl, S. Cole, A. Vlazny, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2006. Growth of juvenile green sturgeon in elevated temperature regimes. Trans. Amer. Fish. Soc. 135:89-96.
  • Lankford, S.E., B.M. Adams, T.E. Adams, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2006. Using specific antisera to neutralize ACTH in sturgeon: A method for manipulating the interrenal response during stress. Gen. Comp. Endocr. 147:384-390.
  • Allen, P.J., B. Hodge, I. Werner, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2006. Effects of ontogeny, season, and temperature on the swimming performance of juvenile green sturgeon (Acipenser medirostris). Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 63:1360-1369.
  • Meyer, C.I., R.Kaufman, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2006. Melanin pattern morphs do not differ in metabolic rate: implications for the evolutionary maintenance of a melanophore polymorphism in the green swordtail, Xiphophorus helleri. Naturwissenschaften 93:495-499.
  • Portz, D.E., C.M. Woodley, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2006. Stress-associated impacts of short-term holding in fishes. Rev. Fish Biol. Fisheries 16:125-170.
  • Allen, P.J., J.J. Cech, Jr. 2007. Age/size effects on juvenile green sturgeon, Acipenser medirostris, oxygen consumption, growth, and osmoregulation in saline environments. Env. Biol. Fish. 79:211-229.
  • Quesenberry, N.J., P.J. Allen, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2007. The influence of turbidity on three-spined stickleback foraging. J. Fish Biol. 70:965-972.
  • Webber, J.D., S.N. Chun, T.R. MacColl, L.T. Mirise, A. Kawabnata, E.K. Anderson, T.S. Cheong, L. Kavvas, M.M. Rotondo, K.L. Hochgraf, R. Churchwell, and J.J. Cech, Jr. 2007. Upstream swimming performance of adult white sturgeon: effects of partial baffles and a ramp. Trans. Amer. Fish. Soc. 136:402-408.