Posted: 8.21.2017

Dr. Daniel Karp, assistant professor in Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology was recently featured for his work in Costa Rica on climate change and habitat conversion. See the full article by Read more...

Posted: 8.14.2017

Coloration is a vitally important biological trait because it is involved in individual survival and reproduction through camouflage, warning coloration, mate choice, Read more...

Posted: 7.28.2017

A local Sacramento Bee reporter caught two western rattlesnakes fighting on an Auburn, CA hiking trail. Dr. Brian Todd weighed in to say that the rattlesnakes were, "pumped up on hormones Read more...

Posted: 5.4.2017

Dr. Brian Todd, graduate student Mickey Agha, and colleagues from US Geological Survey recently published a study in The Journal of Wildlife Management about how the design of a wind Read more...

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