Employment after graduation

Jobs and sources of employment in this field continue to diversify, and the following listing should be viewed as provisional and likely incomplete. You are limited mostly by your imagination – go forth and conquer!

Potential Jobs:


Fish hatchery biologist
Aquarium keeper
Aquaculture specialist
Fisheries biologist
Endangered species coordinator
Marine biologist
Restoration ecologist
Research scientist
Fisheries manager Ecotoxicologist

Law/Policy Related
Environmental consultant Lobbyist
Environmental attorney


Wildlife biologist Wildlife manager
Endangered species coordinator
Coordinator, local wildlife interest groups
Marine biologist Zoo keeper
Animal trainer
Animal damage control specialist
Research scientist
Habitat restoration ecologist

Veterinary Medicine
Veterinarian (zoo, private, wildlife)
Wildlife rehabilitator

Ecosystem / Habitat
Conservation biologist
Forest / Park ranger
Forest manager
Park biologist/manager
Habitat restoration ecologist
GIS specialist

Environmental journalist
Nature photographer Environmental instructor

  • Reserve docent
  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • Eco tourism

Teacher / Professor

Potential Employers:


California Departments:

Similar agencies in other states

State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards   www.swrcb.ca.gov


NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service


Environmental Protection Agency   www.epa.gov

USDA Forest Service www.fs.fed.us

Department of Interior:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  www.usace.army.mil

Local, International

Planning / parks departments of counties, cities, and regional agencies

Non-government Organizations:

Local watershed groups

Environmental consulting firms