Prospective Students

High School Preparation

Recommended as part of, or in addition to, the UC Admission requirements:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry and/or Physics
  • English composition
  • Math through trigonometry

Transfer Preparation

If you are planning on transferring to Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology at UC Davis, here’s how to be best prepared:

At your community college, complete the following courses/series:

  • Biology (equivalent to UC Davis BIS 2A - BIS 2B - BIS 2C)
  • General Chemistry (equivalent to UC Davis CHE 2A - CHE 2B. CHE 2C is not necessary for the major, but it is a prerequisite for veterinary school)
  • Organic Chemistry (equivalent to UC Davis CHE 8A - Che 8B or CHE 118A - CHE 118B - CHE 118C)
  • Calculus (equivalent to UC Davis MAT 16A - MAT 16B or MAT 17A - MAT 17B or MAT 21A - MAT 21B)
  • Writing (equivalent to UC Davis UWP 1)
  • Public Speaking (equivalent to UC Davis CMN 1)
  • Physics (equivalent to UC Davis PHY 1A - PHY 1B or PHY 7A - PHY 7B - PHY 7C or PHY 9A - PHY 9B - PHY 9C)
  • General Education

Note: These are NOT required for admission, but completion of the above courses/series will best enable you to begin with upper division coursework upon arrival at UC Davis.

Use or speak with your community college adviser to determine which courses at your local college articulate with the above UC Davis courses.

If you are transferring from a non-California community college or different 4-year institution, we unfortunately cannot guarantee credit for WFC major courses until you arrive. We recommend that you complete the general biology, chemistry, and calculus series your institution offers. We will evaluate how your courses meet our requirements upon your arrival.


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