Message from the Chair

We have much to be proud of! Our department is ranked #1 in research productivity and impact among Wildlife and Fisheries programs, and WFCB now engages 300+ undergraduate students, 50+ graduate students, 10 postdoctoral scholars and 11 faculty. We also host the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology, a vertebrate museum dedicated to education, outreach, conservation and research.

Collectively, our faculty and students study diverse environments including deserts, rivers, oceans, jungles, mountains and polar regions. Leading research is conducted on human-wildlife conflict resolution, conservation physiology, climate change phenology, agroecology, vertebrate ecology, biogeography, noninvasive wildlife survey methods, behavioral ecology, riparian restoration, conservation ecology and so much more. We look forward to the years ahead with expectations for continued excellence in conservation science research, education and outreach.
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Nann Fangue

Nann A. Fangue, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology

UC Davis Chancellor's Fellow, 2017-2021
Professor of Physiological Ecology
University of California Davis