Christopher M. Dewees

dewees-chris.jpgMarine Fisheries Specialist, emeritus in Cooperative Extension

Office: 1087 Academic Surge
Phone: 530-752-1497


Marine Fisheries Management, Human Dimensions of marine fisheries.

Academic History:

  • B.S. Biology, University of Redlands 1968
  • M.S. Fisheries Biology, Humboldt State 1970
  • Ph.D Ecology, UC Davis 1985

Selected Publications:

  • Dewees, CM. 2003. Sea urchin fisheries: A California perspective. Pp 37-55 In: J.M. Lawrence and O. Guzman (Editors). Sea Urchins: Fisheries and Ecology. Lancaster, PA: DEStech Pubs.
  • Hackett, S.C., M.J. Krachey, C.M. Dewees, D.G. Hankin, and K. Sortais. 2003. An economic review of Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) processing in California. CalCOFI Reports 44:86-93
  • Dewees, C.M., K. Sortais, M.J. Krachey, S.C. Hackett, and D.G. Hankin. 2004. Racing for crabs: Costs and management options evaluated in Dungeness crab fishery. California Agriculture 58 (4): 186-193.
  • Hackett, S.C.,C.M. Dewees, and M.J. Krachey. 2004. Race for Dungeness crab influences processing and markets. California Agriculture 58 (4): 190-191.
  • Dewees, C.M., K. Sortais, and W.S. Leet. 2004. Conserving California fish: Extension approaches applied to contentious marine fisheries management issues. California Agriculture 58 (4): 194-199.