Peter B. Moyle

Distinguished Professor, Emeritus
Office: 1369 Academic Surge
Phone: 530-574-6695


I have been studying the ecology and conservation of freshwater and estuarine fishes in California for over 40 years. My research team has documented the status of all native freshwater fish species in California, with special interest in salmon and other anadromous fishes. The interactions among native and alien species in environments with varying degrees of disturbance have provided a major basis for my ecological studies and have lead to management actions to improve conservation of native fishes.  My research team has developed large data sets on the status, distribution, and ecology of native and alien fishes of California, and have quantified potential impacts of climate change on each species. The team has also created data bases on California dams and their impacts on fishes, especially through altered flows. These data sets are a major source of publications.   Another research focus is the ecology and conservation of fishes of the San Francisco Estuary, that includes 35 years of monthly fish and macroinvertebrate sampling at multiple locations in Suisun Marsh.  Current research has extended the Suisun Marsh sampling to the North Delta.  We are especially interested in the impact of the current drought on both estuarine and freshwater fishes of California and in the impacts of new water management schemes on native fishes.

Education and Experience:

  • 1964 University of MinnesotaB.A. - Zoology
  • 1966 Cornell UniversityM.S. - Conservation
  • 1969 University of MinnesotaPh.D. - Zoology
  • 1969 - 1972  Assistant Professor, Biology, California State University, Fresno, CA
  • 1972 – present  Assistant to Full Professor, University of California, Davis, California
  • 1982 - 1987  Chair, Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Biology, University of California, Davis, California
  • 2002-present  Associate Director, Center for Watershed Science UCD

Selected Publications:

Author or co-author of over 220 peer-reviewed publications, including 10 books/monographs.

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