Roger A Baldwin
Associate Specialist in CE
1069 Academic Surge
Email: rabaldwin@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-752-4551
Expertise: Human-wildlife conflict resolution; wildlife management; population monitoring; habitat assessment
John Eadie
1079 Academic Surge
Email: jmeadie@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-754-0145
Nann Fangue
1393 Academic Surge
Email: nafangue@ucdavis.edu
Daniel S Karp
Assistant Professor
1071 Academic Surge
Email: dkarp@ucdavis.edu
Phone: (530) 752-2108
Expertise: Agro-ecology; avian ecology; biodiversity; community ecology; conservation biology; ecosystem services; pest control; tropical ecology
Douglas Kelt
1081 Academic Surge
Email: dakelt@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 4-9481
Expertise: Ecology, biogeography, and conservation, mostly focusing on mammals, and mostly on the rich diversity of small mammals. Extensive experience in both North and South America, I currently run a 25-year old research program at a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in north-central Chile.
Aaron Keith Miles
Adjunct Professor

Email: akmiles@ucdavis.edu
Eric Post
1063 Academic Surge
Email: post@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-574-1346
Andrew L Rypel
Associate Professor
1369 Academic Surge
Email: rypel@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-221-6339
Expertise: Fish ecology, Ecosystem ecology, Conservation science, Fisheries management, Global change, Resilience, Habitat management, Freshwater mussels
Rahel Sollmann
Assistant Professor
1075 Academic Surge
Email: rsollmann@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-752-1437
Expertise: Quantitative ecology, statistical modeling, noninvasive wildlife survey methods, population ecology, wildlife research, carnivore ecology and conservation
Brian D Todd
Associate Professor
1077 Academic Surge
Email: btodd@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-752-1140
Expertise: Conservation biology; population dynamics; wildlife ecology; herpetology; habitat use.
Dirk Van Vuren
1351 Academic Surge
Email: dhvanvuren@ucdavis.edu
Phone: 530-752-4181
Expertise: Mammals; ecology; behavior; conservation; pests; human-wildlife conflicts; exotic species; island ecology