Daniel S Karp

Assistant Professor
Phone: 778-835-7401
Email: dkarp@ucdavis.edu
Website: Karp Lab


I am interested in developing innovative methods for harmonizing food production with the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. My research thus focuses on developing innovative solutions for reconciling conservation activities with food production practices. Though I distribute my research across a variety of study systems, much of my work has previously focused on bird communities in tropical agricultural landscapes. Broadly, my research program has four thrusts. First, I develop and apply ecological theory to understanding and managing biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes. Second, I quantify the effects of alternative agricultural practices on biodiversity-mediated ecosystem services to people. Third, I investigated how identifying tradeoffs among biodiversity and ecosystem services can inform development of multifunctional landscapes. Finally, I work extensively with interdisciplinary scientists and practitioners to synthesize science and guide conservation policy. Please see my website for more information.

Education and Experience:

  • BS, Biology and Earth Systems, 2009, Stanford University
  • PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 2013, Stanford University

Selected Publications:

  • Karp, D.S.*, P. Baur*, E.R. Atwill, K. DeMaster, S. Gennet, A. Iles, J. Nelson, A. Sciligo, and C. Kremen (2015) Unintended ecological and social impacts of food safety regulations in the California Central Coast. BioScience 65: 1173-1183. Abstract. *shared first authorship
  • Wood, S., D.S. Karp, F. DeClerke, C. Kremen, S. Naeem, and C. Palm (2015) A functional trait approach for understanding the impacts of biodiversity in agriculture. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 30: 531-539. Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S., H. Tallis, R. Sachse, B. Halpern, K. Thonicke, W. Cramer, B. Tietjen, H. Mooney, S. Polasky, B. Tietjen, K. Waha, A. Walz, and S. Wolny. (2015) National indicators for observing ecosystem service change. Global Environmental Change 35: 12-21.  Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S., S. Gennet, C. Kilonzo, M. Partyka, N. Chaumont, E.R. Atwill, and C. Kremen. (2015) Co-managing agriculture for nature conservation and food safety. PNAS 112: 11126-11131. Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S., C.D. Mendenhall, E. Callaway, L. Frishkoff, P.M. Kareiva, P.R. Ehrlich and G.C. Daily (2015) Confronting and resolving competing values behind conservation objectives. PNAS 112: 11132-11137. Abstract.
  • Frishkoff, L.*, D.S. Karp*, C.D. Mendenhall, L. M’Gonigle, C. Kremen, E.A. Hadly, and G.C.   Daily. (2014) Loss of avian phylogenetic diversity in Neotropical agricultural systems. Science 345: 1343-1346. Abstract. *shared first authorship
  • Mendenhall, C.D., D.S. Karp, C.F.J. Meyer, E.A. Hadly, and G.C. Daily. (2014) Predicting biodiversity change and averting collapse in agricultural landscapes. Nature 509: 213- 217. Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S. and G. Daily (2014) Cascading effects of insectivorous birds and bats in tropical coffee plantations. Ecology 95: 1065-1074. Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S., C.D. Mendenhall, R.F. Sandí, P.R. Ehrlich, E.A. Hadly, and G.C. Daily (2013) Forest bolsters bird abundance, pest control, and coffee yield. Ecology Letters 16: 1339-1347Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S., A.J. Rominger, J. Zook, J. Ranganathan, P.R. Ehrlich, and G.C. Daily (2012) Intensive agriculture erodes b-diversity at large scales. Ecology Letters 15: 963-970. Abstract.
  • Karp, D.S., G. Ziv, J. Zook, P.R. Ehrlich, and G.C. Daily (2011) Resilience and stability in bird guilds across tropical countryside. PNAS 108: 21134-21139. Abstract.