Post, Eric

Office: 1063 Academic Surge
Website: Post Lab


We conduct research on ecological dynamics in time and space, and across levels of biological organization.  The emphasis is on consequences of climate change for phenology and life history variation, population- and community dynamics, and ecosystem function.  All of this work is empirical, and most of it combines meticulous, long-term field observation with field experimentation conducted in the Arctic, but we work in other systems as well.  Focal taxa include tundra plants, large herbivores, some birds, and a few invertebrates.

Academic History:

  • BS, 1989 University of Minnesota
  • Ph.D., 1995 University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Pennsylvania State University (2000-2016)
  • Director of The Polar Center at Penn State (2012-2016).


Campus Memberships:

Selected Publications:

  • Ahrestani, F.S., et al.  2016.  Variation in stability of elk and red deer populations with abiotic and biotic factors at the species distribution scale.  Ecology, in press.
  • Cahoon, S.M.P., et al.  2016.  Limited variation in proportional contributions of auto- and heterotrophic soil respiration despite large differences in vegetation structure and function in the Low Arctic.  Biogeochemistry 127:339-351.
  • Post, E. & Brodie, J.  2015.  Anticipating novel conservation risks of increased human access to remote regions with warming.  Climate Change Responses 2:1.
  • Avery, M. & Post, E.  2013.  Record of a Zoophthora sp. (Entomophthoromycota:  Entomophthorales) pathogen of the irruptive noctuid moth Eurois occulta (Lepidoptera) in West Greenland.  Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 114:292-294.
  • Kerby, J.T. & Post, E.  2013.  Advancing plant phenology and reduced herbivore production in a terrestrial system associated with sea ice decline.  Nature Communications 4.
  • Post, E., et al.  2013.  Ecological consequences of sea-ice decline.  Science 341:519-524.
  • Post, E.  2013.  Ecology of climate change: the importance of biotic interactions.  Monographs in Population Biology.  Princeton University Press.
  • Brodie, J., et al.  2012.  Climate change and tropical biodiversity:  a new focus.  TREE 27:145-150.
  • Post, E., et al.  2009.  Ecological dynamics across the Arctic associated with recent climate change.  Science 325:1355-1358.