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Dirk H. Van Vuren:



Office: 1351 Academic Surge
Lab: 1335 Academic Surge
Phone: 530-752-4181

Research Interest:

Ecology, behavior, and conservation of mammals; ecological approaches for managing human-wildlife conflicts

Academic History:

PhD, University of Kansas, 1990

Selected Publications:

Jones, K. L., D. H. Van Vuren, and K. R. Crooks. 2008. Sudden increase in a rare endemic carnivore: ecology of the island spotted skunk on Santa Cruz Island. Journal of Mammalogy, in press.

McEachern, M. B., C. A. Eagles-Smith, C. M. Efferson, and D. H. Van Vuren. 2006. Evidence for local specialization in a generalist mammalian herbivore, Neotoma fuscipes. Oikos 113:440-448.

Floyd, C. H., D. H. Van Vuren, and B. P. May. 2005. Marmots on Great Basin mountaintops: using genetics to test a biogeographic paradigm. Ecology 86:2145-2153.

Bakker, V. J., and D. H. Van Vuren. 2004. Gap-crossing decisions by the red squirrel, a forest-dependent small mammal. Conservation Biology 18:689-697.

Van Vuren, D. H. 2001. Spatial relations of American bison (Bison bison) and domestic cattle in a montane environment. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 24:117-124.

Van Vuren, D. H. 2001. Predation on yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris). American Midland Naturalist 145:94-100.