How to Get an Internship

Internships are great opportunities to build your resume, network, and experience the field. You can find internships in a few different ways:

UC Davis Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Ecology and the Environmental Sciences
are posted by faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and staff looking to advertise undergraduate research opportunities related to ecology and the environmental sciences. Please visit this page to browse the variety of options made available. Also see this document for guidance on this resource and applying to and engaging in research opportunities.
If you are a faculty member, post-doc, grad student, or staff member interested in advertising on this page, please fill out this form.

Contact faculty and graduate students to see if they are in need of volunteers/interns. You are not limited to WFC faculty – there are many faculty on campus pursuing research you might be interested in.

Review listerv announcements sent out by the WFCB adviser. Any internship/job postings we receive will be sent to the WFCB listserv. Email the WFCB staff adviser ( if you would like to be added to this listserv. 

The Internship and Career Center posts jobs/internships, and offers assistance in finding jobs/internships. The ICC also holds regular workshops to help students become more marketable to employers. Visit the ICC's website for more information. To view internships and jobs held by previous students, see the ICC's Undergraduate Major Data website.

The Undergraduate Research Center offers guidance in obtaining research opportunities. Consider meeting with an adviser at this center, and see the URC's website for more information.

Facilities not affiliated with UC Davis offer internships. Students will often find internships on their own through such facilities. 

Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology Internship Program:  The MWFB has an internship program for lab preparators, museum assistants, and field opportunities. All are hands-on learning but do require a minimum annual time commitment.  For more information go to the Museum’s website.

Credit for internships

Students can receive credit for internships via units and/or transcript notation.

92/192: Variable unit internship. Ask the faculty member if you can register for 92/192 units, and then contact the department staff adviser to obtain a CRN. The number on units your register for depends on the number of hours you work. Use ICC guidlines to determine this number. You will need to register for your internship by the 12th day of the quarter. After this time, you will need to be issued a PTA by the department’s staff adviser.

Transcript notation can be obtained through the ICC with cooperation from your employer. See the ICC's instructions for more information.