Professor Douglas A. Kelt is the new President-elect of the American Society of Mammalogists

Posted: 07.08.2016

Professor Douglas Kelt in the UC Davis Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology has just been elected as the 51st President-elect of the American Society of Mammalogists (ASM). The Society was established in 1919 to promote and support the study of mammals and it is one of the most influential societies promoting all facets of the science of mammalogy, including ecology, systematics, biogeography, behavior, physiology, morphology, and management and conservation.  The ASM includes members from numerous countries on all continents, publishes the most widely read and highly ranked journal on mammal biology (Journal of Mammalogy) as well as Mammalian Species to provide encyclopedic summaries of the knowledge of individual species, and uses proceeds of its investments to support graduate and undergraduate students pursuing research on mammal biology.  The Society’s 50 presidents have included luminaries in North American wildlife and mammal biology, beginning with C. Hart Merriam, the first leader of the US Biological Survey.  California has been well represented among ASM leaders, including Joseph Grinnell (UC Berkeley), Tracey Storer (UC Davis), Robert Orr (California Academy of Sciences), William Z. Lidicker, Jr. (UC Berkeley), James L. Patton (UC Berkeley), Jim Reichman (UC Santa Barbara), and Eileen Lacey (UC Berkeley). Presidents serve a two year term, and reflecting the increasing complexity of this role, since 1999 the Society has added a 2-year term as President-Elect to groom incoming presidents. This is a highly prestigious position in one of the United States oldest and most influential scientific societies. Professor Kelt’s election is a great honor for the Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Science, and the UC Davis campus.