Tim Caro

Office: 1323 Academic Surge
Email: tmcaro@ucdavis.edu
Website: Caro Lab

Research Interest:

I am interested in the functions of coloration in animals and in conservation strategies in the tropics. On Pemba Island, Tanzania I investigate color polymorphism in coconut crabs, and try to understand ways in which forest fragments can be conserved effectively. In UK, I work on the functions of zebra stripes. In western Tanzania, I facilitate projects designed to educate children and stop lion killing. 

Academic History:

  • BSc Cambridge University, UK, 1973, Zoology
  • Ph.D. University of St Andrews, Scotland, 1979 (Psychology)


  • WFC 51 - Introduction to Conservation Biology. Offered Spring quarter every year.
  • WFC 141 - Behavioral Ecology. Offered Winter quarter in even numbered years.
  • WFC 160 - Animal Coloration. Offered Winter quarter in odd numbered years, beginning Winter 2017.

Campus Memberships:

  • Graduate Group in Population Biology
  • Graduate Group in Animal Behavior
  • Graduate Group in Ecology

Selected Publications:

  • Caro, T. 2010. Conservation by Proxy: Indicator, Umbrella, Keystone, Flagship, and Other Surrogate Species. Island Press, Washington, DC.
  • Caro, T., A. Izzo, R.C. Reiner, H. Walker, and T. Stankowich. 2014. The function of zebra stripes. Nature Communications DOI: 101038/ncomms4535.pdficon_small.png